Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Stan's big enough for the bike trailer!

We tried out Stan and Jake together in the bike trailer last weekend. Stan really enjoyed the ride around and around the driveway. He started to whimper every time Brian stopped riding.
So, we bought him his very own baby helmet and as soon as the weather permits, we'll try biking together as a family again! Brian will pull both kids in the trailer and Rebekah will try to keep up. Even pulling both kids in a trailer, Brian is still way fast! He has been biking a lot and is in great physical condition!

Swimming lessons

Jacob recently started swimming lessons. He loves it. He has no fear of the water. His teacher, Missy is great. He is learning, among other things, to kick without bending his knees, and how to blow bubbles out of his nose.

A Day at the Park

Stan absolutely loves swinging on the swings with Mom. He cracks up the whole time we are swinging. It is so fun to hear him laughing.

Happy Birthday, John Deere

February 7 was John Deere's birthday. If he were still alive he would have been 203 years old. Most of you know Jacob is a HUGE John Deere fan, so to celebrate his birthday we made cookies shaped like tractors, dump trucks and bull dozers. Jacob decorated them with yellow and green icing.

Christmas time!

I know we are SO far behind on keeping up on this blog, but I wanted to show off this beautiful picture of Lizzy, Tim and Amanda's newest addition. Can you believe she is almost a year in this picture?