Thursday, March 26, 2009


Well, I just wanted to report that at my last specialist's appointment on Tuesday, they told me that everything looked "normal". YAY!! God has helped us through. We are so thankful. I don't have to go back to the specialist's for a month!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

New bed

We're getting things ready for the arrival of the twins, so we moved Stan in with Jacob and bought them a new bed. It is a bunk bed with a trundle bed and in the middle it has lots of drawers and a pull out writing desk with a couple of open shelves. Here they are in their new bed.

This last one is Stan at the present moment. I had been putting him in the crib still for his naps, but just started putting him in his bed for his nap. I guess he figured if he just got out of his bed to get the toys and then brought them in with him, it still counted as his nap time. There isn't a single toy on the floor, so I'm sure he hadn't been out of his bed playing, jut making little trips back and forth to and from the toy box.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


We have a great answer to prayer to report. At yesterday's appointment, the baby's sacs were about equal in fluid! We are so thankful! Baby A's fluid is still a little less than B's, but not a substantial amount at all. It is so good!

I did remember the CD this time, so here is a picture of each of them. The first picture is "Baby B" and the second is "Baby A".

Friday, March 06, 2009

More birthday party pics

Hannah holding Isabella - the newest addition in our family. She is 2 months old.

Lizzy and her Raggedy Ann dolly.

Mom and Christian

Laura with William and Amanda with her newest baby, Joshua
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The Big Birthday Bash

For those who don't know, though most do, Stanley has one of those stuffed animal blanket things where the head is a lamb and there are arms and the rest of it is a small blanket. He is pretty attached to his, which he affectionately calls "Lambie", most of the time. He sometimes pretends Lambie is William (Laura's little boy), and will cradle him in his arms. Sweet!! So this was the first year, he was really old enough to say what kind of cake he wanted, and he picked a "lambie" cake. When I showed him his cake on the way to Cheryl and Dave's house he said, "Where are lambie's arms?" It was then I realized I should not have made a cake that looked like a lamb, rather a cake that looked like Lambie. Oh well.... I told him lambie was laying on his his arms and that seemed to satisfy him. :-)

A view of the madness. It is a blast getting together with everyone. Present opening is mayhem. It is a zoo! And hilarious. Three of my brother and sister-in-law, Dave and Cheryl's kids have birthdays within 2 days of Stanley. Dave and Cheryl have also been blessed with a beatiful and very spacious home. Every year they have offered to let us celebrate Stanley's birthday along with their kids. It is a wonderful blessing for us, because our house could not accomodate all the family very comfortably. We are so thankful for their generosity ! Thanks guys!

Jonathan (John and Sarah's 4th) with a cupcake!

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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

More birthday pics

Here are just some more pictures. I tried to post them all together, but for some reason I can't get Picasa to let me blog more than four pictures at a time. So here are some more shots of our little birthday boy. We love you, Stan! You have brought us so much happiness!

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Stanley turns 3

Stanley turned three a couple days ago. His actual birthday was Friday, so we had a little pre-party party at home just for us before the big bash we had the next day with all the family. We had his favorite foods: macaroni and cheese and chicken strips, along with asparagus and Asian coleslaw. He will eat asparagus; since it was his birthday we didn't even mention coleslaw to him. For dessert we had cream cheese chocolate chip muffins. He loves all things chocolate chip - just like his mama.

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