Sunday, November 05, 2006


Last week, I received this bulletin at church:

And inside, I saw this:

Pretty shocking! Turns out the pastors decided to play a bit of a prank by printing a special bulletin just for me, as they knew we were Cardinals fans. Everyone else got the "normal" bulletin.

More from Anthony's

We could see Mt. Ranier.

We saw a starfish from the pier.

We watched the ferry come and go.

We had a special dessert with wild huckleberries. It was like a cobbler or pie or something and it had some good ice cream on it.

More Tacoma Zoo

Hmm... Blogger cut me off at five pictures, so here are some more from the Tacoma Zoo trip.

There was an Oriental-themed area in the park; that's in one of the pictures. Afterwards, we ate at Anthony's at Point Defiance. It was nifty - we ate outside, right over the water.

Tacoma Zoo

On September 28th, we visited the Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma. I had thought that Tacoma was a fairly nasty industrial city, but this little zoo was pretty special. The zoo is located in Point Defiance Park, a large and nicely groomed park on a point out in Puget Sound. The highlights of the zoo:

1. We got to hear a tiger "roar" or make whatever their sound is.

2. There was a tiger behind glass - he was right up by the glass. He walked along the pane with his face right up against the glass and stared at Jacob who was just inches away on the other side. A very big cat!

3. They had a pretty decent aquarium. We saw an octopus - but it was sleeping. Oh, well.

4. We watched the walruses for a bit. Each one would pop out of the water right in front of where we were watching.

5. There was a pretty good play area that Jake enjoyed.

6. It was clean and not crowded.

If you're in Tacoma, check out the Point Defiance Zoo!

Cedar River Trail

Here are some pictures from a trip Jacob and I took on the Cedar River Trail.

Trip into Seattle

Here are some pictures of a trip Rebekah and I made into Seattle on September 23rd. We started by parking in the Pioneer Square district downtown - actually we parked on the street in a rather dodgy area adjacent to the Pioneer Square district.

Here's a picture of the street scene in this area:

We at lunch at a Brazilian steakhouse - this was a first for both of us. There was a large buffet of different vegetable-type dishes... pretty good. Then there were waiters that would come by periodically with different types of meat. The meat was presented on long metal on sticks. The meat is heavily salted and has a lot of garlic, and seems to be continuously roasting when the waiters aren't out offering it. When they do offer the meat, they begin the cut into the meat, then the diner takes a hold of the cut off meat with special tongs to hold the slice as the waiter finishes the cut. (I guess I should have taken pictures, as that description seems indecipherable!) Anyway, it was a totally new experience for us, but I have later found out that "Brazilian steakhouses" are not all that rare - I think there's probably one in Saint Louis.

We later walked a couple blocks down to the water and took a few more pictures looking off into Puget Sound.

At the end of the day, we hauled two tired youngsters back to the car in our double stroller. If you look closely, you can see that there is a leaf in Jacob's fist - he is quite the leaf collector!

We cooked some salmon

Whoa... I'm really getting behind here. I have a lot of pictures I want to share... This was taken back when there were still sunny days in Seattle - HA HA. (It was September 22nd.)

We bought a grill from Wal-Mart.

We grilled fresh salmon on it. Look:

This is fresh King salmon grilled on a cedar plank. You're supposed to char the cedar plank on both sides, then cook the salmon. It had a great smell; tasted like salmon. Rebekah says this King salmon is supposed to be extra-healthy because it has a high Omega-3 fat content. And this also gives King salmon a stronger taste. Interesting!

Here is another picture taken earlier that day: