Friday, September 22, 2006

Farm Tots

Today we went to "Farm Tots" - a program at a local farm for kids under 5. Jacob, of course, loved it!

One of the activities was to go to the flower garden and pick a flower. While we there in the garden Jacob found a log - WOW!
He had to have it - a true boy, I guess. Flower, Log - decisions, decisions! He came home with both, but the flower came home only b/c Mommy carried it - Jacob hauled that log with him the rest of the morning and then to the car.


Anonymous said...

Jake: We are so glad you have a farm to visit in Washington! Did they have any JD tractors? ~~ Grammy R

Anonymous said...

Your kids are cute. I think Jacob looks just like Brian and I am not sure about who Stan looks like. Those are great pics. Jennifer