Sunday, November 05, 2006

Tacoma Zoo

On September 28th, we visited the Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma. I had thought that Tacoma was a fairly nasty industrial city, but this little zoo was pretty special. The zoo is located in Point Defiance Park, a large and nicely groomed park on a point out in Puget Sound. The highlights of the zoo:

1. We got to hear a tiger "roar" or make whatever their sound is.

2. There was a tiger behind glass - he was right up by the glass. He walked along the pane with his face right up against the glass and stared at Jacob who was just inches away on the other side. A very big cat!

3. They had a pretty decent aquarium. We saw an octopus - but it was sleeping. Oh, well.

4. We watched the walruses for a bit. Each one would pop out of the water right in front of where we were watching.

5. There was a pretty good play area that Jake enjoyed.

6. It was clean and not crowded.

If you're in Tacoma, check out the Point Defiance Zoo!

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