Sunday, August 31, 2008

Jacob's first day of school

Here he is - his first day. He wouldn't stand still for a second! He had talked about this day for weeks and looked forward to it with great anticipation.
His teacher had told me to drop him off like I would any other day so he would know what to expect for the second day, so I did. Then I went in to get some pictures. I dropped him off outside the gymnasium in the drop off line. The headmaster is always outside to greet us when we stop at the ramp. There is a long line of cars and we all wait till we are at the bottom of the ramp and then the kids get out and go up the ramp into the gym where they all sit in rows according to class. The headmaster then officially greets everyone and they begin the day with Scripture and prayer. Then each class is led to their classroom by their teacher. This is Jacob in the Kindergarten row.
Here he is getting up and ready to go for his first day!
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Edi said...

Looks like he was pretty excited...I like how he is holding tight to his John Deere lunchbox :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Rebekah:
I can hardly believe that Jacob is going to school. I remember you talking about it awhile back. It brings tears to my eyes when I think about it and I cannot decide if it is because I look forward to the days when my girls go to school or if makes me sad to think about how fast our kids are growing up. I guess that regardless of whether my girls go off to school this year or five years down the road all that matters is that we love them. We all miss you and I will show your site to Kyla. She will be excited to hear about Jacob and see the pictures of the hike and the caterpillar and hear about Jacob going to school. Will check back later.
Cherith (Granite Falls, WA)