Thursday, September 04, 2008

Hiking on Labor Day

We went hiking on Labor Day. We went to a trail in Weldon Springs and hiked 5.3 miles! Jacob did really well - not much complaining at all. Brian is the one who worked the hardest with Stanley's 35 pounds on his back the whole time. This was the prettiest spot on the hike. We hiked up to an overlook. That is the Missouri River you can see behind us. I was suprised at how many flowers were still blooming.

We found the neatest caterpillar. It was really big (for a caterpillar) and very vibrant light green. One of the most interesting things about it was its "feet". It had super suctiony "feet" that stuck really well to our shirts. It was like velcro when we would peel him off.
A picture of the guys. We were almost finished at this point.

One of the many butterflies we saw during our hike. We saw some yellow and black ones that were really really big.
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Laura said...

Great pictures Becky!! I saw some really big yellow and black butterflies when I took William for a walk the other day. I was wondering what they were called. They were beautiful.

Love you,

Edi said...

The kids would be SO excited to see a huge cool caterpillar like the one you guys found. We almost went to Weldon Springs the same day (well I wanted to go the other half wanted to go elsewhere).