Thursday, September 11, 2008


We have a wood stove in the basement and next to it is our pretty small pile of wood. Sometimes the boys like to get into the pile and pull each piece to a clear spot on the floor and build a "house". When I see them begin this game, I cringe inside because it always creates a huge mess with little pieces of wood and bark and dust all over the floor. But they love doing it so I go along with it. Their "house" consists of the pieces of wood laid on the floor mostly and Jake will tell me the boundaries of each room and what each room is. The piece of wood you can see standing up is one side to the doorway (the piece for the other side of the doorway having recently fallen down). Jacob informed me that he was going to be a cowboy when he grew up and among other things which I can't remember right now, he said he would eat at Bandana's BBQ a lot. :-) Last time we were there he commented on the decor and wondered out loud if a lot of cowboys eat at Bandana's.
You can see Jacob is dressed like a cowboy complete with cowboy hat, boots and kerchief. After Jacob had gotten dressed up, Stan must have decided he needed boots and a hat too - next thing I knew Stan was coming downstairs with his own "cowboy" gear on! -- Rain boots and hat!!

Trying to be just like big brother....

but still a little finger sucking in between trips.

I don't think Providence would go for the little extras to that school uniform!

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CUTE, Becky!!

~ Becka