Friday, March 06, 2009

The Big Birthday Bash

For those who don't know, though most do, Stanley has one of those stuffed animal blanket things where the head is a lamb and there are arms and the rest of it is a small blanket. He is pretty attached to his, which he affectionately calls "Lambie", most of the time. He sometimes pretends Lambie is William (Laura's little boy), and will cradle him in his arms. Sweet!! So this was the first year, he was really old enough to say what kind of cake he wanted, and he picked a "lambie" cake. When I showed him his cake on the way to Cheryl and Dave's house he said, "Where are lambie's arms?" It was then I realized I should not have made a cake that looked like a lamb, rather a cake that looked like Lambie. Oh well.... I told him lambie was laying on his his arms and that seemed to satisfy him. :-)

A view of the madness. It is a blast getting together with everyone. Present opening is mayhem. It is a zoo! And hilarious. Three of my brother and sister-in-law, Dave and Cheryl's kids have birthdays within 2 days of Stanley. Dave and Cheryl have also been blessed with a beatiful and very spacious home. Every year they have offered to let us celebrate Stanley's birthday along with their kids. It is a wonderful blessing for us, because our house could not accomodate all the family very comfortably. We are so thankful for their generosity ! Thanks guys!

Jonathan (John and Sarah's 4th) with a cupcake!

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