Saturday, March 21, 2009

New bed

We're getting things ready for the arrival of the twins, so we moved Stan in with Jacob and bought them a new bed. It is a bunk bed with a trundle bed and in the middle it has lots of drawers and a pull out writing desk with a couple of open shelves. Here they are in their new bed.

This last one is Stan at the present moment. I had been putting him in the crib still for his naps, but just started putting him in his bed for his nap. I guess he figured if he just got out of his bed to get the toys and then brought them in with him, it still counted as his nap time. There isn't a single toy on the floor, so I'm sure he hadn't been out of his bed playing, jut making little trips back and forth to and from the toy box.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Guys! So glad all is well with the babes! The kids must love their new bed. Caleb wants one desperatly. We'll be praying for you all! JoAnne mentioned the umbilical cord thing...we will keep it in prayer. Our baby has a cyst on the umbilical cord so if you think of our baby (Due 19th of August) please pray. Lord bless you all, Ben says Hello. Angelina Stultz

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