Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Nursery is Finished - Part 1

This nursery is just the cutest thing in our house right now. It is so bright and cheery and I totally love it. I got the idea for a Dr. Suess themed nursery - I was thinking "Thing 1 and Thing 2" here, so I googled that and Pottery Barn Kids had Dr. Suess nursery bedding. What in the world??? Well, as with most of their stuff, I loved it. I then googled "red gingham crib skirt" and there were 2 Pottery Barn red gingham crib skirts being sold on Craiglist in Kirkland, WA. (When we lived in Seattle, the church we attended met in Kirkland - pretty wild, hu?) The lady selling them had twins and she had decided she didn't like them, so was getting rid of them. They were basically brand new. Well, here is where this gets even more amazing - I call my MIL, who can sew ANYTHING, and who has made every window treatment in our current house and lots of pillows, and I asked her if she thought she could make the Pottery Barn bumper pads and a red valance. She agreed immediately and also loved the set from Pottery Barn. We have similar tastes, which makes decorating with her that much more fun. She also offered to make me the quilts AND the liners for my baskets. I was really overwhelmed at her genorosity. So this is a picture of the crib skirt and the bumper pad.

So, the names are out, I guess!! :-) Yes, we are naming one of the boys Michael after my dad. The middle name is not decided on yet, but we're thinking Lloyd.

The other baby is going to be named Martyn Lesley. Lesley is Brian's middle name, and I have been wanting to give that middle name to a son since our first, but have only now prevailed upon Brian to allow it.

This is a picture of
a.) the red valance Brian's mom sewed for us,
b.) the lamp I had quite a time finding, and
c.) the Lazy Boy my parents bought us after Jacob was born - they took us to the furniture store and said "pick whatever chair you want", and this is what I picked. I picked it for comfort and neutrality of color. It is the perfect fit for me - a little bigger than many b/c I am on the tall side. Anyway, I have rocked both of our other babies in that chair and am looking forward to rocking these two (however I'm really not sure how all that is going to work out at this point)
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