Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Nursery is Finished - Part 2

I wanted to show a picture of one of the quilts, as well as the mobile my husband made for me. The quilt is absolutely the most comforting quilt ever made. It is just perfect. Thank you, Mom, for making all this for us! You are so awesome!! The mobiles, like I said were made by Brian - he did an amazing job of bending wire and connecting it all together. He insisted on spray painting the metal which makes them look so much more "finished" in my opinion. They are really neat and different from any other mobiles I've seen and I really love the way they hang and are always moving around in the breeze. Brian is so great about doing this kind of thing for me - I'm so blessed!

A shot of the changing table (woo-hoo) - but I did want to show the cute red gingham basket liners made my MIL.

And this is a shelf above the changing table - my sister Mel, gave me that "Cat in the Hat" hat and I just love it there. It gives a little dimension to that shelf.

Well, that is the nursery.

On a more serious note, I had a doctor's visit today. They monitored the babies heartbeats and did an ultrasound. Both babies, are you ready for this? - weighed in at 5.3 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you say "WHOA NELLIE!" :-) HA My doctor was completely amazed - he commented that that was big for a singleton at this far along. I am so thankful!! I want these babies to be big and healthy. I say 'big' in a relative sense here. :-) Both babies looked great - one is breech at this point, with little chance of turning, but still a chance. Their heartrates were great - no problems. So it seems like everything is going along well. God is keeping us and we are SO happy of that.
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