Thursday, February 26, 2009

22 Weeks and counting....

Next time we have an ultrasound I will remember the disc and therefore, have a picture to put up. Until then, another word only post regarding the twins. They measured Baby A at one pound; Baby B at 14 ounces. The measurements are give and take two ounces, so seems like they are growing at about the same rate and are in the normal age/weight range. Praise the Lord! There is still a fluid differential between the two sacs, but the fluid in Baby A's sac is still sufficient. Baby A is the one with the low fluid; Baby B is the one with the velamentous tube insertion. We got that straight at the last visit. We also figured out which baby is which so to speak. I guess at the beginning of the pregancy, they name whichever baby is lowest, "A". Sometimes that can change. For us Baby A has always been lowest, except one time. But they also differentiate between the two by what side each is on in the placenta, and I guess that does not change. I don't think either thing will change as the babies get bigger and there is less room to move around in there. Baby A is the baby on the left; Baby B is on the right, just for your general information. HA.
The babies are both looking bigger and are very active already. :-) I am feeling them move a lot. I was feeling pretty worn out and having contractions like ALL DAY there for a couple weeks, but I am figuring out my limits better and not trying to do as much as I was. And now I'm feeling a lot less tired, and having fewer contractions, just feeling incredibly S...L...O...W.

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