Monday, February 02, 2009

Lego Creations

Both the boys really enjoy playing with Legos. I don't remember Jacob really liking Legos at three, but now at five and almost three, Jake and Stan both have a lot of fun with them. Below you see Stanley using his most amazing (in my opinion) creation - a machine gun!

This is what Jacob built - a "bunk bed for Monkey". I know you can hardly see it, but monkey was using it at the time this picture was taken. Jacob, as you can see, is kissing him goodnight.

And then this is Stan from this morning. His favorite things to build are airplanes. He came to show me and then said, "Get the camera, Mom." And then "Get my boots [in the picture] too, Mom!"

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Edi said...

A machine gun lego? I'm sure the makers of Lego were not quite expecting them to be turned into weapons :0 If a boy isn't allowed to have toy weapons he'll use a stick, or a finger - or in some cases make one out of Legos!