Thursday, February 05, 2009

Great News

Today I had an appointment with my obstetrician - who I believe is the best OB in the world! He is so great. He told us that he sees no problems with the amount of fluid surrounding the babies. When I asked him about what the specialist had said, he said, "well, it says here, low normal". WHAT?? That is not what the specialist told me! She did not say the word "normal" ever in her time with me. Then, he told me that the velementous tube insertion is usually no big deal. He said something along the lines of "when we see that, we say, yeah, there it is, now we know" He said "very rarely" does it affect growth.

We are SO thankful!!! It seems like everything is going just great.

Some interesting stats: My tummy is 6 inches bigger than it was at this time with my last pregnancy! LOOK OUT!

Well, what makes my OB so great is that he is so laid back, and so thoughtful. He goes out of his way to be helpful - and he thinks about what would be best for us - not just him. Today he told me to just come over to see him after my next appt. with the specialists, so I didn't have to be coming up to St. John's every week. His words: "you have better things to use your gas for, and to spend your time on". Very kind. I have my sweet sister-in-law, Lorri, to thank for recommending him to me when Brian and I moved to St. Louis from Kentucky.

Thanks for all the emails and encouraging words lately. I am glad to be in the family of God with so many others!


Levi, Jenny, Marcus, Carson, and Cole said...

That is such great news!!! We're so excited for you guys! God is SO good!

Edi said...

Good to hear!