Friday, September 11, 2009

Jacob turned 6!

Jacob turned 6 years old in July. He loves baseball mostly. He loves video games (he's dying for us to get a Wii). He's learning to read, and enjoys being read to and reading himself. Right now he's reading a book about Albert Pujols. He enjoys his friends and his brother. His days are mostly filled with playing baseball outside or actually playing with his new pitch back or playing catch with his dad, pitching to his dad and also batting - he tries to get "home runs" over the back fence. He has succeeded in that a few times. I remember Brian telling me earlier in the summer, that he thought by next year Jacob would be able to hit the ball over the back fence, but here he is doing it already.
His birthday fell on a Saturday which is, of course, the best day for a little boy's birthday. We started the day with presents.

Then we a breakfast of donuts from our local donut house. YUM.

Then we had a birthday party in the afternoon. Everyone met at the park for a baseball game! It was so much fun! Then everyone came back to our house for a backyard BBQ. This picture is of most of the cousins and 2 friends from school who were there.

Here's "Dad" grilling hotdogs - this is a baseball party remember!

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