Sunday, September 13, 2009

The kids are so busted

So about a year ago I dropped our camera on the tile floor of our kitchen shattering the LCD screen. We were able to see about half of the screen so we made due for about a year. A month or so before the twins were born Brian bought us a new camera and about a month after that he found out he could buy a new LCD screen off ebay for pretty cheap. He bought it and fixed our old camera, so we now had two cameras. Well, then, a few weeks ago I go to use our new camera and the screen is completely shattered in it. I called Brian to ask if he knew what had happened. He had no idea but said maybe it had gotten broken when he had it in the tent when he and Stan went backyard camping. THEN, the next day, I saw the camera in the middle of the basement floor. When we went to download our pictures we discovered the culprits! There are the funniest pictures and a videos they too! Jacob telling Stan "Say cheese, buddy." Those first three are Jacob I think doing the "6 is a serious number" dance from the commercial! Hilarious!

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