Thursday, June 04, 2009

36 Weeks!

By the grace of God we've made it to 36 weeks - it is now safe for the twins to be born. This will probably be the last picture of me taken. I'm really really hoping they will come soon. It's been an incredibly easy pregancy really - if no one had worried us and we hadn't know all the possible complications and I hadn't have had to go to the specialist's every 2 weeks we never would have even realized. But since we do realize all that could have happend, it makes us even more grateful and thankful for God's bringing the twins to this point. We praise Him for giving us these two precious sons and we trust Him with their futures.
These pictures were taken tonight, right before we went for a walk through our neighborhood. It felt great to take a walk. Although it was pretty painful for me I loved getting out there and pushing myself again. I've been taking it easy to keep from having contractions and just because I've been afraid of exherting myself. I can't wait to work out again and to be able to stretch and flex my muscles.
I had a doctor's appointment today. The news is that Baby A is vertex (head down), and Baby B is breech (head up). We would prefer if both babies were vertex, but they don't need to be in order to go for a V-birth - only Baby A who is lower needs to be head down, and he has been most of the pregnancy. So we are planning on trying for a regular v-birth, but it is possible for Baby B to not want to come out or for the doctor to not be able to get him to turn around, and then they would have to do a Ceserean birth for Baby B. My doctor has told me that he has only had one twin birth where the mother had to have both a v-delivery AND a ceserean. In other news, I am 2 cm dilated and 70% effaced. Yay!!!
So where we are now, is that if I have not gone into labor in 2 more weeks (babies will be 38 weeks) - they will induce me on June 18th or 19th. I'm hoping that will be unnecessary, but either way, Lord-willing in no more than 2 weeks we will have doubled the number of children in our family.

On our walk:

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Levi, Jenny, Marcus, Carson, and Cole said...

Great news Becky! We are praying for you all during this time! What a fun and exciting time in life! Praise the Lord!