Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cheap tires aren't cheap

Took a little tandem ride with the kids yesterday. Here's Jacob doing a little trick on Grant's Trail:

We rode down to the snow cone shop on Reavis Barracks:

Then we rode to the far end of the trail, turned around, and only a few minutes later:

BANG! A blowout! Hutchinson Flash tires that I had picked up cheap from Nashbar for about $5 each. Hmm. They weren't very worn. I think I was running them at 90-100 psi; I thought they were rated for that, maybe not.

We walked the bike back up to Reavis Barracks Road (it was a hot day for a walk!). Thankfully, Trailnet was open, so we dropped in for a little air-conditioned comfort and awaited the support wagon (Rebekah and the twins) that had been phoned for immediately after the blowout. Rebekah brought a new tire and tube, and I did a quick repair in the parking lot. Then, she took the kids home and I soloed home on the tandem. Messed up the twins feeding schedule a little...
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