Friday, June 19, 2009

Mike & Marty 6-18-09

Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a real blessing!

Here is a quick description of the labor and delivery:

11:00 - got the call to come in for induction
11:45 - cheeseburger and apple dippers for Rebekah; double cheese combo for me.
12:00 - admitted to the hospital, hooked up to the monitors
1:00 - ultrasound - yep, "A" is down and "B" is breech.
2:00 or so - started the pitocin
4:00 - pitocin really working
5:00 - got the epidural going. The epidural seemed to take a long time to get effective. I guess it was because Rebekah's labor was advancing quickly, and the epidural couldn't keep up.
6:00 - getting the urge to push - call the doctor!
6:15 - WHERE is the DOCTOR?
6:30 - whisked into the operating room.

This part was really scary for me, seeing all those doctors and nurses in the operation room all gowned up. I am thankful for the many people who were praying for us.

6:48 - Michael was born. Rebekah did great! Pushed him right out!

Now Dr. Hermann started flipping Martyn around. Looking at his eyes, it looked like he was pretty concerned. I was concerned; I didn't want Rebekah to have to have a Caesarian.

7:03 - Praise the Lord! Martyn is pushed out!


Davy Barr said...

Praise the Lord, you guys! They are precious. So thankful that all went well and no C-section was necessary. All the answers to prayer. Wow! Wish I was around and could help out somehow now after you all go home.


Anonymous said...

Rages Family,
We are so happy that your two boys arrived safely. What a blessing! We have been watching closely for their arrival and will continue to watch and pray for their health and your strength to get through the tough times in the next few months. Congratulations doesn't seem to do this blessing justice. We are thankful for these tiny miracles sent to you both.

The Hawns

Anonymous said...

Just AMAZED at the timeline!!! Three hours after pitosin the TWO babies are BORN?!? Amazing! So glad everything went OK!