Friday, June 05, 2009

Playing Catch

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It's been about two weeks since a very big day for Jacob and me. I bought Jacob his first real (leather) ball glove. (I think it's a Wilson 425 something; I like it). At the same time, I bought myself my own first new ball glove. The whole time, growing up, I had a Spalding from a junk shop. The laces were dried out and broke, and it never performed all that well. We also got a tee ball bat for Jacob.
He loves it! During the day, he's throwing the ball up in the air and catching it. Sometimes he bounces the ball off our maple tree as a sort of pitchback. And when I get home, he's always ready for a game of catch or a bit of hitting.
It is amazing how quickly his baseball skills have improved in the last couple of weeks. He can catch the ball most of the time if the throw is good, and he can throw with pretty good accuracy. Here's a little video of a recent "catch" session. (Don't bother turning up the audio; it's just me pontificating about wide angle vs. telephoto.)

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